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Couple’s Retreat

Get ready for the best 5 days of your life!! A couple’s retreat is one of the most intensive, immersive modalities to improve every area of your relationship and grow tremendously as a human! Renew your relationship! Bring healing, happiness, and peace back. Hope in your partner again, learn how to heal, and repair wrongs that have never gone away! The group immersion leads to longer lasting growth in healthy communication. The 5-day intensive gives you plenty of time to work through major concerns and unresolved issues in your relationship, all in a safe environment, and under the direct guidance of Mr. Dupre’ Rouse. Heal, grow, and have one of the best weeks of your life!

Next trip JULY 25th -30th Dominican Republic

Next trip after that August 22nd - 26th


Quick Highlights:

  • All-Inclusive resort

  • All food and drinks paid for

  • Hotel included

  • Airfare included

  • 2 couple’s sessions before you come with Mr. Dupre’ to make sure you are a good fit and to build the foundation of connection before you go on the trip. In person or online (depending where in the country you are)

  • Transportation from airport included

  • Just show up to vacation and learn and grow a ton

  • Guided events already scheduled for you

  • Learn invaluable communication skills

  • Find out if you want to stay together

  • See if you are still compatible

  • Learn how to repair wrongs and hurts

  • Cheaper than divorce

  • Get to experience a vacation and grow as a person 

  • Immersive rapid personal growth on vacation

  • Save your relationship

  • Heal your relationship

  • Group sessions

  • Goal setting before you leave for preparation

  • Individual dinner/lunch session with therapist

  •  Guided leadership for couples to grow together

  • Couple’s goal setting

  • Understanding your partners needs, your partner will know you.

  • Learn empathy

  • Guided meditation 

  • Guided Yoga

  • Kill the patterns and habits that are destroying your relationship!

  • Enjoy a guided vacation!

  • So much more!



Where we are going:

Barcelo Bavero Palace

Rated #1 in Punta Canta 

12 restaurants, a casino, a golf course on site, and much much more!

Next retreat end of July. FULL. 

Next retreat in August to Jamaica. 

Video, ask questions if you have them!


Travel Agent

You just show up! All inclusive resort!! We set up and book everything for you. We book your travel arrangements. Airfare is included in the price. Repeat, the hotel is an all-inclusive. Which means that the hotel has all you can eat and drink at the hotel already included in the price. Travel to and from airport included. 1 excursion, group activities everyday. It will be so much fun you wont be able to wait to come back to another one!


Rapid Metamorphosis 

Behavioral analysis of why behaviors happen at least once on the trip. In actual time through observation and interaction together, on excursions, exercises,  dinners, and overall day to day time on the trip. Through the therapeutic lens during activities and daily events. There are multiple layers to the behavioral analysis during the event. Furthermore, have Mr. Dupre’ come and hang out with you and in that time, he observes your behavioral responses and then coaches and teaches you in real time instead of just in session. This is a lot faster way to grow in understanding and practical application then over time through the therapeutic process. It also creates space to skip over some of that time by allowing Mr. Dupre’ to be up front and personal quicker and more responsive in real time to help you to see how your behavior is impacting what is happening with your body psychologically and physiologically. A good metaphor is similar to a job shadow or a coaching session. Mr. Dupre’ will be with you in the wild, in an activity or event and then observe and interact with you and help coach you in that time. 


Some of what is included

Everyone’s favorite, class time. Learn immeasurable skills for healthy relationship. Learn the 4 pillars of miscommunication. Learn about the conscious mind, subconscious mind, unconscious mind. Learn how to rewire your subconscious and think more positively. Learn where your patterns and cycles are that continue to keep you and your partner trapped. Learn about hot spots in your relationship. How to combat these areas in healthy ways instead of the negative. Learn healthy ways to fight the negative patterns that happen so quickly. Two 2-hour Group therapy sessions. Two 2-hour individual couple sessions. Group activities. 1 group excursion for fun and excitement. Guided moments with the therapist throughout the day to better build connection and friendship. Breakdown of why patterns or why behaviors happen at least once on the trip. Learn the healthy coping skills. Learn healthy ways to communicate your needs. Self confidence training and empowerment. Psychoeducation on basic, intermediate, and advanced eroticism. Planned time to grow in intimacy. Planned time to build connection and intimacy. Tools around anxiety. Trust building exercises. Self confidence training. Valuable skills for resolving conflicts and issues in a way that you'll both feel heard, understood, and satisfied with the result. A greater awareness of loving concern for each other. A shared vision for the future and plans to bring that vision to reality. An ability to deal effectively with past challenges, and then to set them aside and focus relationship energy on the present.

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